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Maintenance of carton compression testing machine

Dongguan Haida Instrument Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of bag test models, including the imported 1fmjg (1) 25 residual film clearing machine and 1mc (7) 0 stubble harvesting machine. The carton compression testing machine produced by our company has cooperation with LiBai, Liwen paper and other groups. The performance parameters and technical indicators of the carton compression testing machine comply with iso2872 "pressure test of complete and full transport packages that can be separately connected and packed by package users according to different use voltages of samples", iso2874 "stacking test of complete and full transport packages with pressure testing machine reported by the media recently" and gb4857.4 "Basic test pressure test method of transport packages" and other standards, It is applicable to the compressive strength test and stacking strength test of corrugated boxes and other finished products for packaging

in daily use, the repair and maintenance of carton compression testing machine must be involved. Next, Dongguan Haida will introduce the repair and maintenance of carton compression testing machine

1. The operator should read the instructions carefully and strictly abide by the operating procedures

2. Keep the working environment of the testing machine clean and tidy

3. In case of failure of the testing machine, professional personnel should be invited to check and eliminate it. Do not run with disease

4 Adhere to periodic verification and maintain the excellent technical state of the testing machine. The verification cycle is generally one year

5. Intermittently lubricate the moving parts of the testing machine

6. When the printing paper roll is used up or the printing handwriting is unclear, the printing paper roll or the printing ribbon should be replaced

7. The two driving lead screws of the carton compression tester must be kept suitable for others: it can only be used for sliding friction when lubricating. The lubricating oil adopts specific mechanical oil. When refueling, the dust cover at the opening of the two columns must be removed and painted with a brush, so that the oil does not flow downward

8. The transmission chain of the carton compression testing machine should be lubricated in time. The lubricating oil should be a specific type of mechanical oil. When refueling, the testing machine can be tilted backward to make its base tilt up, and the brush dipped in oil should be painted on the chain at the lower part of the base. The oil should not be too much, so as not to flow downward

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