Maintenance of the hottest measuring tools

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Maintenance of measuring tools

correct use of precision measuring tools is one of the important conditions to ensure product quality. In order to maintain the accuracy and reliability of the measuring tool, in addition to operating according to the reasonable use method in use, it is also necessary to do a good job in the maintenance of the measuring tool

1. When measuring parts on the machine tool, wait until the parts are completely stopped. Otherwise, the measuring surface of the measuring tool will not only be worn out prematurely and lose accuracy, but also cause accidents. Especially when lathe workers use the outer card, don't think that the caliper is simple and wear doesn't matter. Pay attention to the fact that there are often pores and shrinkage cavities in the casting. Once the caliper foot falls into the pores, the operator's hand can also be pulled in, causing serious accidents

youth Xingze Guoxing 2. Before measurement, the measuring surface of the measuring tool and the measured surface of the parts should be wiped clean, so as not to affect the measurement accuracy due to the presence of dirt. It is wrong to use precision measuring tools such as vernier caliper, dial gauge and dial gauge to measure the surface of forging casting blank or with abrasive (such as emery), which is easy to make the measuring surface wear quickly and lose accuracy

3. During the use of the measuring tool, do not stack it with tools and cutters such as files, hammers, turning tools and drill bits to avoid bumping the measuring tool. Do not put it on the machine tool casually, so as to prevent the measuring tool from falling down and damaging due to the vibration of the machine tool. In particular, vernier calipers should be placed flat in a special box to avoid deformation of the ruler body

4. Measuring tools are measuring tools and must not be used as substitutes for other tools. For example, it is wrong to draw lines with a vernier caliper, use a micrometer as a small hammer, use a steel ruler as a screwdriver screw, and use a steel ruler to actively promote the visual plastic packaging film that has more cost advantages than carton packaging to treat chips. It is also wrong to use a measuring tool as a toy, such as holding a micrometer in your hand and waving or rocking it arbitrarily, which is easy to make the measuring tool lose accuracy

5. Temperature has a great influence on the measurement results. For the precise measurement of parts, it is necessary to make the parts and measuring tools measure at 20 ℃. Generally, the measurement can be carried out at room temperature, but the temperature of the master piece must be consistent with that of the measuring tool. Otherwise, the measurement result is inaccurate due to the thermal expansion and contraction characteristics of metal materials

temperature also has a great impact on the accuracy of the measuring tool. The measuring tool should not be placed in the sun or on the headbox, because the correct size cannot be measured after the temperature of the measuring tool rises. Don't put the precision measuring tool near the heat source (such as electric furnace, heat exchanger, etc.), so as not to deform the measuring tool due to heating and lose accuracy

6. Do not put the precision measuring tool near the magnetic field, such as the magnetic workbench of the grinder, so as not to make the measuring tool magnetic

7. When the precision measurement is found to have abnormal phenomena, such as uneven surface of the measuring tool, burrs, rust spots, inaccurate scale, bending and deformation of the ruler body, inflexible movement, etc., the user should not dismantle and repair by himself, and it is not allowed to repair by himself with rough methods such as hammer tapping, file filing, sandcloth polishing, etc., so as not to increase the error of the measuring tool instead. In case of finding the above situation, the user should take the initiative to send it to the measuring station for maintenance, and continue to use it after verifying the accuracy of the measuring tools

8. After use, the measuring tools should be wiped in time. Except for stainless steel measuring tools or those with protective coating, the metal surface should be coated with a layer of antirust oil, placed in a special box and stored in a dry place to avoid rust

9. Precision measuring tools should be regularly verified and maintained. Precision measuring tools used for a long time should be regularly sent to the measuring station for maintenance and verification accuracy, so as to avoid product quality accidents caused by the indication error of measuring tools. (EN has prepared the construction technology guide d)

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