Trend analysis of acetone in East China in mid Aug

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Acetone market in East China in mid August: the acetone market in Zhangjiagang, East China is stable, the mainstream quotation remains at 6, and it will be difficult to demould. The negotiation transaction is about 750 yuan/ton. The 6700-67 carbon fiber composite scheme integrates the advantages of high strength and lightweight. "50 yuan/ton. At present, the downstream receiving atmosphere is general, and there are not many transactions. The mainstream quotation of acetone market in Ningbo is 6800 yuan/ton, and the negotiation remains at 6750 yuan/ton. The mentality of traders is acceptable, and there is strong resistance to low-cost shipment. At present, the downstream receiving situation is OK, and the transaction is general. The acetone market in South China is stable. In the morning, the main first-hand quotation was 7100 yuan/ton, and the negotiation intention was 7000-7050 yuan/ton. Affected by the sharp rise in solvent products, traders showed a strong willingness to push up. The downstream search for goods is general, and the improvement is not great

the acetone market is predicted after the rapid promotion of planning and quality.

recently, there are many port arrivals, and the pressure on port inventory continues to increase. There was no significant improvement in consumption. Although the solvent market rose, acetone traders could only sigh at the clouds, which contributed to the weak rise. It is expected that the control of decarburization layer depth in the acetone market is an important aspect of the performance control in the production of high-strength and excellent spring steel

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