Maintenance of the hottest bearing seat

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Maintenance of bearing pedestal

the following points should be paid special attention to during the use of bearing pedestal: (1) the use of bearing pedestal cooling system. When the cooling water of the bearing pedestal is used correctly, it not only prolongs the service life of the bearing pedestal, but also improves the production efficiency. In actual production, we often ignore its importance, and the operators also try to save trouble. It's too troublesome to connect them, so they don't connect the cooling water pipe. Some companies even don't want cooling water in order to save cost when customizing the bearing pedestal, which has caused serious consequences. The material of bearing pedestal is generally made of special bearing pedestal steel through various treatments. No matter how good the bearing pedestal steel is, it also has its limitations, such as temperature. When the bearing seat is in use, if the mold temperature is too high, it is easy to cause turtle cracks on the surface of the mold core early. Some bearing seats have turtle cracks on a large area even before more than 2000 mold times. Even in the production of bearing pedestal, because the temperature of bearing pedestal is too high, the mold core has changed color, and even reached more than 400 degrees after measurement. Such temperature is easy to appear turtle cracks when encountering the cooling state of release agent, and the produced products are also easy to deform, strain, stick to the mold, etc. The use of release agent can be greatly reduced when using the cooling water of the bearing seat, so that the operator will not use the release agent to reduce the temperature of the bearing seat. Its advantage lies in effectively extending the service life of the bearing seat, saving the die-casting cycle, improving the product quality, reducing the occurrence of die sticking, strain and aluminum sticking, and reducing the use of release agent. It can also reduce the loss of ejector rod and core caused by overheating of bearing seat. (2) The bearing pedestal must be preheated during the production process to prevent turtle cracks caused by hot metal liquid suddenly encountered in the cold bearing pedestal. Blowtorch can be used for more complex bearing pedestal, Tomasz Czarnecki, chief operating officer of econcore, said: "in the renovated R & D facility in Leuven, Belgium, liquefied gas, mold temperature machine with good conditions, and slow injection preheating can be used for relatively simple bearing pedestal. (3) Cleaning the parting surface of the bearing seat is very troublesome and easy to ignore. If the boss starts from a high starting point and buys a good bearing seat, it will be much easier to work. If the quality of the bearing seat is not good, it is inevitable that there will be flash or dirt on the parting surface of the bearing seat during production. The operator should often clean these parts, Be equipped with a small shovel at any time (the company should provide your employees with complete tools. Only with a good gun can you fight). If there is flash and it is not removed in time, the parting surface of the bearing seat is easy to collapse, resulting in aluminum leakage in the production process. Once this consequence is caused, no matter how good you have a mold repair expert, the possibility of complete repair is very small, not that they have no ability. The consequences caused by aluminum running will not only increase the die-casting cost, waste the white aluminum, and the product quality is unstable, especially the internal quality, but also increase the difficulty of determining the process parameters, and the qualified rate will drop a lot. From the perspective of safety, it will increase the rate of industrial injury. At the time of shift handover, the operator shall thoroughly clean the parting surface of the bearing seat with kerosene, which can not only prevent the bearing seat from being crushed, but also open the exhaust slot blocked by the residue of mold release agent or other dirt on the bearing seat after cleaning, which is conducive to the discharge of medium-sized cavity gas in the injection process and improve the product quality. It is appropriate to clean the parting surface twice in a team. Let employees form a good habit. (4) If the bearing pedestal is equipped with neutron control, it is absolutely forbidden to have joints on the signal line between the die casting machine and the bearing pedestal. The reason is very clear. In daily production, it is difficult to avoid water on the signal line, or the place where the joint is wrapped is easy to be broken, resulting in a short circuit with the machine tool. If the signal is wrong, the alarm will be given, the automatic shutdown will delay time, or the signal will be disordered, and the bearing pedestal will be damaged. Cause unnecessary losses. Pay attention to waterproof of travel switch. (5) When each team takes over the shift, it should carefully carry out spot inspection according to the company's "bearing seat spot inspection form", and solve the problems found in time, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble to itself

in addition, the responsibility of the mold repair team plays a role of "curing diseases with diseases and strengthening the body without diseases" in the maintenance and repair of the bearing pedestal. For a set of bearing pedestal, a batch of tasks are completed. After the bearing pedestal is removed, the mold repair personnel must have a very detailed understanding of this set of bearing pedestal, such as how many molds have been produced and what faults have occurred so far, "China is the largest cotton producing country in the world. Check the tail products to understand the current status of the bearing pedestal, whether it has reached the safe service life of the bearing pedestal, whether it is necessary to report the mold to the workshop according to the production volume, etc. ~ it is necessary to check the Archives of this bearing pedestal; (1) Mold repair personnel must master a principle in the process of maintenance, repair and maintenance. It is absolutely not allowed to change the size of the bearing seat without permission. Work on such a premise ~ once the original size is changed, batch quality accidents will occur, and the losses will be very heavy. (2) Do a good job of maintenance according to the company's "management regulations on mold repair and maintenance". During the maintenance process, the mold repairman lacks the use awareness of the tools used, such as using coarse oilstones in the process of polishing the bearing seat, and some even install the polishing machine on the shutter wheel to polish the mold core, which not only causes deep scratches on the surface of the mold core, but also damages the nitriding layer on the surface of the mold core, making the next production of die casting impossible to use, either sticking to the mold or pulling. There are many situations like this. The bearing pedestal was produced well last time, and it will not work after this reproduction. In addition to other external factors, this is a very important reason. (3) For vulnerable parts such as ejector pins and cores, they should be carefully checked for bending, cracks, etc. if they are replaced in time, in many cases, the cores will break without completing many mold times when the bearing pedestal is reproduced. Most of the reasons are that they are not carefully checked and problems are not found in advance, resulting in a great waste of manpower and time. (5) Polishing the bearing seat needs to be supplemented by polishing where there is sticky aluminum and where there is carbon deposition, so as to minimize the wear of the bearing seat caused by polishing. (6) All moving parts, joint parts and screws of the bearing pedestal shall be lubricated and treated with rust prevention. (7) The management personnel of bearing pedestal shall supervise the maintenance status at any time and pay attention to other management details. Keep maintenance records for future reference

the storage of the bearing seat should be consistent with the accounts, drawings, archives, etc. the bearing seat cannot be disassembled for storage to avoid the loss of parts. The bearing seat that has not been used for a long time should be regularly treated for rust prevention. The new bearing pedestal shall be stress relieved as far as possible within the specified period to prolong its service life

in the process of maintenance and repair, some of them are very simple and clear, but it is difficult to do it really. We need to be conscientious to implement it and do the work in place. It is one of the three essential factors in production. The use of bearing pedestal directly affects the service life of bearing pedestal, production efficiency and product quality, and is related to the cost of die casting. For the die-casting workshop, the good maintenance of the bearing seat is a powerful guarantee for the smooth progress of normal production, which is conducive to the stability of product quality, reduces the intangible production cost to a great extent, and improves the production efficiency. According to the problems encountered in actual production, we discuss how to do better maintenance of bearing pedestal

first of all: establish the file of bearing pedestal and make preparations (1) that is to establish a complete set of use records for each set of bearing pedestal when entering the factory, which is an important basis to ensure future maintenance and repair. The details of each item are not only caused by the usual physical tests, but also clear, including the daily production mode. As a bearing pedestal manager, since the bearing pedestal entered the factory, The structural accessories of each part must be recorded in the bearing pedestal file in detail, and the vulnerable parts in the bearing pedestal should be listed according to the needs, and the accessories, such as ejector rod, core, etc., should be prepared in advance ~ ~ the minimum inventory of vulnerable spare parts should be set, so as not to delay production due to insufficient preparation. Because there are many such lessons in the company, only when you are prepared can you avoid trouble. If you delay production because you don't prepare spare parts, the cost for die-casting enterprises is very large. Time, manpower, electricity for holding furnace (or liquefied gas) and so on are not small numbers. The main reason for making recycled particles is that you delay production, delay delivery, and the loss will be even greater! (3) When making a resume card for the bearing seat, it is necessary to engrave permanent marks on the bearing seat itself for easy identification. In this way, no one who is not stupid will cause the farce of installing the wrong bearing seat. (4) If the bearing seat with oil cylinder core extractor is attached, it should be equipped with a quick change connector as soon as possible, otherwise the money wasted each time you disassemble and assemble the bearing seat and the oil leaked from the oil cylinder is enough for you to pay the wages of several employees for a month, and you can also use the saved money to improve the meals for employees. This also greatly shortens the time for the die-casting operator to load and unload the bearing seat, which is a matter of killing several birds with one stone. Remember to buy some high-quality quick connectors, otherwise it will backfire. (5) Formulate the management regulations of bearing pedestal in advance, carry out systematic training for employees, and implement them effectively

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