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Organic tea packaging and storage skills

organic tea packaging: organic tea packaging materials must be food grade packaging materials, plywood, paperboard polyethylene, aluminum foil composite film, tinplate tea tin, inner lining paper and binding materials. These materials must not be polluted by chemicals such as fungicides, preservatives, fumigants, etc. The packaging materials contacting the products should have moisture-proof, oxygen resistance and other fresh-keeping properties, without peculiar smell, and should not contain fluorescent dyes. The printing ink or label on the package and the adhesive, printing oil and ink used in the sealing shall be non-toxic

organic tea storage: it is strictly prohibited for organic tea products to come into contact with chemical synthetic substances, or with toxic, harmful, smelly and easily polluting substances. The warehouse is required to be clean, moisture-proof, dark and odorless, and to be ventilated and dry. The surrounding environment should be clean and hygienic, away from the polluted area. Keep the organic tea warehouse clean, do a good job in rat, insect and mold prevention, prohibit smoking and spitting everywhere, the bottom of the box should be higher than the ground, and it is strictly prohibited to use synthetic insecticides and rodenticides

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