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Packaging and testing of meat food

a good food should be healthy, safe to eat and of high quality, of which quality is the most basic requirement. At the Anuga FoodTec exhibition, a new round of discussion was held on the evaluation criteria for food safety, nutrition and food packaging safety. The annual DLG (German Agricultural Association, one of the sponsors of Anuga FoodTec) quality competition will award several gold, silver and bronze awards to commend those enterprises that have made outstanding contributions to food packaging. This competition has a history of 50 years

looking at a wide variety of convenience foods, there are no more than two categories: pre cooked food and ready to eat food or meat, which can be seen from the previous participating foods in the DLG quality competition. If there are problems in food safety in the evaluation process, the food will lose the opportunity to continue to participate in the exhibition

the results of the competition are mainly evaluated according to the practicality of the entries: such as convenience, rapidity and edible in the preparation and processing process; Whether the opening degree of food packaging is appropriate; What is the consumption potential and strength of food. Here, judging experts will first check whether the quality of food has defects and defects according to the established competition standards; Whether there is any problem with the food production process. Then enter the real "evaluation stage", whether the food will meet the expectations of consumers; Whether the food is only high-grade packaging and poor quality

in the 2005 DLG quality competition, 2424 foods participated in the four-day award competition, including 728 ready to eat foods and 818 frozen foods. Experts from DLG test center taste and evaluate each participating food according to clear standards, so as to ensure the fairness, impartiality and objectivity of the competition. The competition takes the 5-point system as the evaluation standard, and each evaluation item includes the mechanical property test of steel structure (tensile, zigzag, impact, hardness), mechanical property test of steel structure fasteners (anti slip coefficient, axial force), metallographic test and analysis of steel structure (microstructure analysis, microhardness test), chemical composition analysis of steel structure, nondestructive testing of steel structure Steel structure stress testing and monitoring the beneficial conditions for the export of China's plastic extruders are increasing. The integration of a complete set of testing technologies such as paint testing and salt spray testing is called steel structure testing technology 5, and all are satisfied; If there are serious deficiencies, the asymmetric fatigue test can be divided into one-way and two-way loading fatigue tests, and 1 point will be deducted. Experts must also be very familiar with the production process, edible properties and characteristics of each participating food; It can be evaluated from the aspects of smell, taste, perception, materials, etc

in addition to the DLG quality competition, the German Agricultural Association will evaluate and test about 22000 kinds of food through the network every year, and about 2500 professionals are responsible for this work, judging the content from the composition of food to its commercial value. The tester is completely from the perspective of consumers, not the type of food. Recently, they just released a report on the quality of barbecue kebabs, which has become an increasingly popular fast-food consumer food in Germany. It can be seen from this report that in Germany, about 50% of the respondents said they did not like this kind of food, because due to the pressure of competition, a considerable number of kebab producers had to save costs on food ingredients, resulting in the use of more and more starch to replace the original meat. In the future, DLG will also issue quality certificates to traders engaged in barbecue kebabs to manage the quality of the food more strictly

from the perspective of food production, Anuga FoodTec is not only an Expo to show food production technology, but also an Expo to show the quality of food testing compared with the space inspection fee of xiao5 and plastic tensile testing machine. Exhibitors can not only see all kinds of convenience foods as in supermarkets, but also see the latest standards and testing technologies in packaging inspection

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