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Modern gift packaging and national style Abstract: in the modern society with highly developed commodity economy, packaging is closely related to people's life and plays an increasingly important role. Applying national style to the packaging design of modern gifts can not only reflect the national spirit and cultural connotation of gifts, but also enhance the competitiveness of goods in the market. As a part of national culture, packaging will inevitably reflect the psychological characteristics of the nation, and express this cultural concept and national character in the creation of design activities. It is an important means of commodity culture transmission, and it is also an indispensable element in the development of packaging design in our country. Key words: modern gift packaging national style

today's society has entered a new stage of the rapid development of modern commodity economy and science and technology, and social culture is becoming increasingly diversified, which requires that when designing packaging, we should not only pay attention to its aesthetics and functionality, but also consider its unique cultural charm. While actively absorbing and learning from foreign cultures, we should also pay attention to the development of traditional national culture

first, the influence of national style on modern gift packaging

originated from gift packaging in the late 18th century. After more than two centuries of development, although its definition has always been inseparable from the two meanings of "containing goods" and "protecting goods", with the development of culture and technology and the change of people's lifestyle, in today's commercial society, gift packaging has greatly expanded its functions and functions in order to meet business needs, Gift packaging technology has also achieved unprecedented development

(I) lightness and durability are the remarkable characteristics of modern gift packaging. In the selection of gift packaging materials, we are very good at mining the unique quality of natural materials. For example, straw basket packaging, cherry leaf packaging and bamboo packaging can be seen everywhere. Using the tenacity of bamboo can play a good role in protecting packaging items

(II) emphasize that the seemingly contradictory characteristics of "simplicity and luxuriance" are well integrated into the packaging design of gifts. It is well reflected in many packaging gifts. In addition to the traditional design element of simplicity, it also introduces a large number of western design elements such as Europe and the United States. Whenever and wherever shopping in department stores, gifts will be solemnly packaged with exquisite and gorgeous wrapping paper. Even if a highlight local enterprise appears in a notebook in the automation zone, it will get the most detailed packaging as long as the customer requests. After unpacking, the beautiful wrapping paper and various packaging forms presented in front of people have also been regarded as the enjoyment of beauty, not to mention the surprise and excitement that people experience when they receive gifts

(III) the characteristics of packaging design are related to culture and polytheistic culture. As early as ancient times, people worshipped many gods and believed that Gods existed in all things. For people, any tangible object carries some kind of life ", not just a simple" thing ". Therefore, packaging is not only to wrap an object, but also to provide a resting place for "life" existing in "objects". This view has had a profound impact on packaging, highlighting the feelings between people and packaging

Second, the embodiment of national style in modern packaging design in China

in modern packaging design, the relationship between innovation and tradition is more important. However, no matter what degree of innovation or level of modernity, it cannot be detached from the original cultural connotation. The more national packaging design, the more cosmopolitan it will be; The more artistic the packaging design, the larger and wider the consumer market will be won

first of all, while the overall aesthetic perception affects people's aesthetics, the national color psychology also has a great impact on packaging design. Color is the most direct visual language, and the first impact and impressive factor of an object is color. Color endows people with many emotions, and different nations have different color emotions, that is, different color psychology. The color psychology of each nation is not isolated, but also determined by the whole culture of the nation, namely, psychological structure, social times, living environment and other factors. It is the result of long-term accumulation of history and the derivative and chromosome of political morality and ethics. Cultural factors are the source and soil of national color psychology. In different historical periods, the specific circumstances of their impact on national color psychology are different. From the turbulence of life to turbulence, from the stability of life to stability. With the development of social economy, all ethnic groups interact with each other, and the culture can permeate and blend. People's color psychology is also mainly affected by the trend

Secondly, China's national color psychology has formed a complete system with its own characteristics after long-term continuous development and changes. Theoretically, it stresses the unity of perceptual generalization, that is, the so-called "coloring with class" and rational perception, that is, the so-called "image pursuit", and conceptually emphasizes the nature, function, function and relationship of color. In terms of expression, it pursues simplicity, lightness and harmony, rather than three-dimensional light and dark conflict; In terms of artistic effect, it is required to be "gorgeous but not vulgar", "heavy but not vulgar". 3. After installing the computer-based universal material testing machine, we should also learn how to find the right and stagnant "," light but not thin "," deep but not dirty ", and seek a perfect aesthetic outlook in a timely and appropriate manner. This color psychology in China has undoubtedly left a great influence on its various art forms, especially in packaging design. At the same time, in the history of thousands of years in China, the techniques, materials and aesthetic forms of packaging have also gone through different stages of development in different periods. As a result, many excellent packaging methods will inevitably spread among people. The packaging of various ceramic vessels, wooden vessels and other materials gives people a strong sense of nostalgia

finally, a perfect packaging design must be aimed at highlighting the theme and leaving a deep impression on the viewer. The theme of the design is mainly completed by words, and decorated by colors and graphics. The quality of the character image is particularly important in the decoration design. The development of Chinese characters to calligraphy is a leap in the use of characters. When writing, people consciously pursue the movement, rhythm, tension and progressive combination of dots and lines, and also include emotions. A calligraphy work can reflect the author's personality, temperament, cultivation and creative emotional state of mind, and the artistic conception of further promoting the development of key technologies and innovative scientific and technological utilization of lightweight plastic parts of China's own brand cars. At the same time, it can also reflect the characteristics of the times, cultural background, national spirit and aesthetic concepts. Calligraphy is also widely used today, which is closely related to the spirit of "calligraphy" that Chinese people have loved since ancient times. Giving new meaning to calligraphy is also the need of the development of the times. The application of various art fonts in packaging design is also based on the changes and application of many rules that the calligraphy structure pays attention to. We should strengthen the awareness of words in packaging design, especially for calligraphy, which is a unique form of national art. We should deeply explore its form, composition and the principles of its meaning beauty, so as to be able to use it with ease and bring vitality to the designer's works

Third, the use of national style in gift packaging

in modern economic life, gift packaging has played an important role and is playing an increasingly important role. People's understanding of packaging is also undergoing major changes. Packaging is not only regarded as a package of gifts, but also a microcosm of marketing strategies. The level of gift packaging directly affects the popularity of the gift. The quality of gift packaging is also directly related to the economic development of a country or region

first of all, national style is often used in the design of modern gift packaging, which can enhance the competitiveness of gifts in the market. Since the 1980s, due to the intensification of competition, designers have tried every means to highlight their own characteristics. In the process of looking for "their own characteristics", they often consciously or unconsciously borrow national characteristics to enrich themselves. It is inevitable that the national style becomes more and more distinctive. Modern gift packaging with national style can also reflect the humanistic spirit of gifts. For modern gifts, it is difficult to fully reflect the cultural connotation of packaging design simply by using abstract design expression. The application of national style in packaging can reflect the national spirit and cultural connotation of gifts

Secondly, China's national style is often used in modern gift packaging, such as the use of Chinese calligraphy and traditional Chinese painting art in packaging design, which successfully combines traditional art with modern packaging. In the pursuit of aesthetics, Chinese calligraphy pays attention to freehand brushwork in form and the pursuit of spiritual similarity. Many Chinese character based packages have originality in design. If we draw on the patterns of folk nations (mostly based on tie dyeing and batik), we can better show the rich Chinese characteristics. China's excellent cultural heritage has laid a solid foundation for the national style of modern gift packaging. Chinese traditional culture is not people to things, but people to people. Chinese Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism all emphasize the perfection of personality with different cultural levels. Reflected in modern gift packaging, it embodies a kind of connotative beauty. Chinese painting theory puts forward the problem of "Tibet" and "dew". Don't take a glance at it, so that people can't see it all and think endlessly. Modern gift packaging can be inspired from it. Since the reform and opening up, China's modern gift packaging has made great progress. On the basis of inheriting the excellent cultural and artistic heritage, it can also learn from the new technology and new expression methods of foreign design, and enrich the artistic expression language of design. It has made beneficial exploration in the aspects of picture composition, the shaping of main text, the description of main image and the design of color. Especially in the packaging design of similar gifts, we pay attention to the in-depth study of national forms and styles. Absorb nutrition from the treasure house of one's own nation to convey the temperament and style of the nation

finally, the most dazzling beauty cosmetics in the market. 2. Then rotate the horizontal micrometer handwheel. Most gifts have a strong "foreign" flavor, but there are also many series of cosmetics, which are completely using traditional Chinese patterns and colors, plus a few Chinese characters in running script, which are also very popular with consumers in the market. The combination of design and the most advanced technology in the world will bring vitality to the development of modern gift packaging. To adhere to nationalization is to carry forward the national style of Chinese culture and develop the national essence recognized by all countries. We should see that due to the influence of networks, film and television and other media, the national culture of all countries is developing towards assimilation. The essence of each country's culture has been continuously absorbed and accepted by other countries, and has become a new element of international culture. Therefore, Chinese design circles should pay more attention to the excavation of Chinese national culture, and use unique nationalized packaging design to influence internationalization, so that Chinese gift packaging design can be recognized internationally and become a part of international design

in short, national characteristics have "infinite vitality" for commodity packaging, which is an internal and continuous vitality

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