The hottest Taiwanese businessmen visit China Plas

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On August 30, a delegation led by Hongfuyuan, general manager of Taiwan Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd., a Taiwanese plastics related enterprise, visited China Plastics City and discussed matters related to participating in the 9th China Plastics Expo, completing tensile, compression and bending tests on samples. Chen Changfeng, vice mayor of Yuyao, met with Hong Fuyuan and his delegation at the Pacific civilization hotel in Ningbo

in recent years, relying on its regional advantages, Yuyao has taken the development of plastic and mold industries as an important part of building an advanced manufacturing highland, and the experimenters need to maintain a high degree of concentration, constantly improve the industrial grade and expand the industrial scale, forming industries such as plastic, mold, machinery, hardware, chemical fiber, textile and small household appliances. At the same time, Yuyao is also actively developing the service industry and exhibition economy. China Plastics Expo is not only the most influential exhibition in the same industry in China, but also a bright business card of Yuyao. Chen Changfeng said that Yuyao has many Taiwan funded enterprises, and the total number of Taiwan funded enterprises ranks first in all counties (cities) and districts of Ningbo. Taiwan funded enterprises have made great contributions to the economic and social development of our city by participating in the national Torch Program

the Expo will be held from November 6 to 9 this year. Compared with the previous Expo, this Expo has a larger scale, with 8 exhibition halls and 1800 booths, which are divided into five exhibition areas, including the domestic large stone exhibition area, Yuyao plastic industry exhibition area, plastic raw materials exhibition area, plastic mold technology and equipment exhibition area and plastic machinery exhibition area

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