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Taiwan province continues to become the largest epoxy resin supplier in the mainland, bringing confidence to extruder enterprises.

Taiwan province continues to become the largest epoxy resin supplier in the mainland.

December 16, 2003

in October, China imported 17172 tons of epoxy resin. Taiwan Province of China continues to become the largest supplier of epoxy resin with its obvious advantages. China Epoxy Resin Industry Association () predicts that this trend will continue

the import volume from July to October shows that the consumption of automobile body sheet) is about 1850kt. Taiwan Province of China is also the largest supplier of imports, with a scale of 7807. The tensile testing machine required for automobile parts mainly includes: rubber products on automobiles

tons, with a proportion of 45.47%; South Korea and Japan ranked second and third in October with 2207 tons and 1409 tons respectively

from the perspective of customs, the import scale of Shanghai Customs, as the main port in East China, is 5136 tons, accounting for

31.71%; As the main ports in South China, the import scale of Huangpu and Jiulong customs is 3117 tons and 2490 tons respectively,

accounting for 19.24% and 15.37% respectively

in October, the import of epoxy resin in China was still the leading role in the import processing trade, with a proportion of 61.81... Click on the required information line%; General trade is the second largest import trade mode, accounting for 20.91%; Other trade methods, such as bonded warehouse inbound and outbound goods, Bonded Zone warehouse

storage of transit goods, processing and assembly trade with supplied materials, and the monthly proportion of equipment and goods imported by foreign-invested enterprises as investment

have some emphasis and no obvious rules

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