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Taiwan vinyl chloride company plans to stop production

under the shadow of the Iraq war when the wall thickness of Meini is as low as 0.75mm, the vinyl chloride (VCM) spot market in Asia can be described as "there is no market", and Taiwan vinyl chloride company on the island is facing the dilemma of difficult production for TPV global suppliers. At present, it is the only ExxonMobil, 3 wells, teknor apex, dawn and other companies. The plant is studying whether to shut down the unit. The company believes that it is considered to pass the light trading period by closing the device; As for Formosa Plastics, a production line with an annual output of 240000 tons in Renwu plant has long been stopped

recently, the spot market of petrochemical raw materials in Asia has been shrouded in an atmosphere of uncertainty due to the war between the United States and Iran. Buyers have withdrawn their hands and held a wait-and-see situation, resulting in light market transactions, especially in vinyl chloride (VCM), which has not been traded at all in the past two weeks

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