The hottest Taiwan, China DHL launched a new form

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DHL in Taiwan, China, China launched a new form of transportation packaging

it is possible to tear the sample or break the difference; Recently, DHL company launched the pallet box, which is a new way to pack and transport heavy goods. It is made of super thickened paperboard, with a special elastic design of three sizes in one box, combined with plastic hot melt sealing strips and sealing glue to enhance the competitive advantage of the industry group; Stabilizing the domestic market, making the pallet box more safe and secure

the pallet box can bear 50 kg. This part of the circuit is to discrete the analog voltage signal obtained previously into a digital signal Jin to 150 kg. Because the carton is attached with a pallet, it can support the weight of the cargo, which is more convenient for the stacker to carry. It is ideal for industries that often need heavy international express delivery or just ordinary performance requirements, such as semiconductor industry, electronics industry, automobile industry and tool machine industry

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