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Dengzhou City, Henan Province, unmanned aerial vehicles fly into the field to help spring tube

"the efficiency of using unmanned aerial vehicles to inject medicine is really too high. 10 mu of land is finished in ten minutes. There is no pressure on wheat, and the spraying is uniform, and the effect is very good." Yaodian Town, Dengzhou, Henan Province, pay attention to the following matters: farmer Liu Shenjie said happily

on April 9, over Liu Shenjie's wheat field, with the rapid roar of drones, drugs were evenly sprayed on the wheat leaves. The efficient operation of drones surprised and praised the people present, and they admired the power of science and technology

since 2016, when it is expected to break the monopoly of foreign enterprises on such materials, Liu Shenjie began to contract more than 100 mu of land around him to plant wheat and other crops. In previous years, when wheat was "sprayed with Three Preventions", because the crops would be crushed by using a tractor to enter the land and spraying with a spray rod, he has always used the artificial back fog machine instruments: host, electronic displacement meter, fixture, calibration appliance, software spraying, but there was uneven spraying, The effect is not very good, workers are difficult to find, and the cost is relatively high. "After joining Guoyu Jinfeng crop planting cooperative this year, the cooperative sent seven plant protection drones to spray free medicine on the wheat field to prevent diseases and pests according to the growth of wheat," which made Liu Shenjie, who had been worried about the "one spray and three prevention" of 100 mu of wheat in the early stage, smile and become "leisurely and complacent"

with the recent rapid rise of temperature and appropriate soil moisture, more than 2.2 million mu of wheat in Dengzhou has entered the rapid growth period of booting, heading, etc., and various diseases, pests and weeds have gradually emerged. Wheat has entered the critical period of disease and pest control. Therefore, while strengthening professional monitoring and timely issuing early warning information, the city has organized scientific and technological personnel to go deep into the fields for technical guidance, giving full play to cooperatives Family farms and other advanced agricultural demonstration subjects play a leading role in the demonstration. They use advanced high-tech products such as plant protection drones to help the masses manage the spring wheat field, scientifically guide farmers to seize the opportunity and take various measures to lay the foundation for a high yield of summer crops

"in the past, it took four or five days for a person to spray pesticides with a spray for more than 100 mu of wheat. Now, using drones, the spraying was completed in more than an hour, and the hidden danger of artificial pesticide poisoning was avoided." Sunyaozhi, chairman of Guoyu Jinfeng crop planting cooperative, is a multi-functional tensile machine. The use of plant protection UAVs to save water and pesticides not only saves time, reduces costs, but also improves efficiency and control effect

just in April, Eric Yaozhi sent surveying and mapping personnel to accurately map the wheat fields of the cooperative members and delineate the spraying route. Since April 8, the cooperative aviation plant protection team has sent five operation teams to carry out "one spray and three prevention" operations on the wheat planted by cooperative members in 10 towns and townships, including Sangzhuang, Yaodian, Wenqu, Gaoji, and Goulin. At present, due to the remarkable spraying effect, more and more people find cooperative plans to spray pesticides with drones

at present, Guoyu Jinfeng crop planting cooperative has carried out "one spray and three prevention" on more than 4000 mu of surrounding wheat fields using plant protection drones. "In the next week, under the guidance of the agricultural department, we will cooperate with more plant protection UAV teams to help the masses free themselves from busy and tired agricultural production, and use the power of science and technology to carry out the operation of 'one spray, three prevention' of wheat, so as to make contributions to the continuous stable production and income increase of 2.2 million mu of wheat in Dengzhou." Sun Yaozhi said

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