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New year's greetings of unmanned aerial vehicle formation: full of "science and technology style"

on February 1, the 27th day of the twelfth lunar month, when the Spring Festival is coming, Yuandu technology and Gaoju innovation will once again play tricks and innovations in the performance of unmanned aerial vehicle formation, combine science and technology with Chinese elements, and pay a new year's greetings to the people of the country in the unique way of vigorously implementing the strategy of high-end products. Under the darkness, 600 drones took off in Shenzhen talent Park, showing in the air a number of auspicious shapes with Chinese characteristics, such as Fuwa sending blessings, rolling financial resources, lucky Koi surplus every year, red lanterns, and so on. The audience watching the performance burst into cheers and shouted fun

science and technology model & Chinese New Year

the long-range high giant UAV formation, which likes continuous innovation, has brought us a grand and fashionable Spring Festival New Year greeting with great science and technology model and traditional culture in Shenzhen full of the flavor of the new era. Automatic interruption and automatic calibration function of the moving beam: the system can automatically complete the calibration process of the indication accuracy. The completion function: the experimental process, measurement, display, etc. are all completed by the single chip microcomputer. The limit protection function

UAV formation performance has been described as the perfect integration of science and technology and art. Compared with fireworks, it is more environmentally friendly, more novel, more eye-catching, and very creative, and can be cross-border integrated with a variety of elements. Whether it's 3D three-dimensional dance steps or 2D interactive modeling, the changeable modeling of UAV in the air is matched with colorful maintenance and repair, and the experimental machine device is clean. The integration of traditional Chinese elements makes the overall modeling more cultural. The exquisite shape of UAV formation is presented in the buildings with bright lights. Tradition and modernity collide fiercely, bursting out more gorgeous sparks

technological innovation & Culture and art

taking culture as the soul, creativity as the soul, and technology as the heart, UAV formation performances have brought us surprises again and again. Technological innovation is the core driving force. Stable control system, reliable flight control, excellent UAV and innovative dance steps are all indispensable. Only one person and one computer are needed to control the flying UAV formation performance, which is constantly upgrading technology, innovating dance steps, transforming into a new media form and integrating into our life

in this distant high giant UAV formation performance, the distance between UAVs in flight is only about 1 meter. It is such a close distance that the whole UAV formation performance presents a delicate and varied shape, whether 3D solid shape or 2D plane shape, the details are clear and lifelike. Centimeter level positioning technology and stable flight control ensure that the aircraft can accurately perform the preset dance steps in the air. The light language and aircraft dance steps cooperate with each other, bringing us this visual feast with great scientific and technological style and traditional charm

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