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On February 27, with the launch of the UAV, illegal parking vehicles on the roads around Nanning east railway station were photographed one by one to obtain evidence. This is the scene when the seventh brigade of Nanning traffic police used unmanned aerial vehicles to shoot and collect evidence of illegally parked vehicles on Changhong Road and the third branch road north of the station. Every day, the brigade used drones to shoot more than 100 illegal parking vehicles on the roads around Nanning east railway station

since July 2018, the political and Legal Committee of the municipal Party committee has taken the lead in organizing the Municipal Public Security Bureau, the Municipal Transportation Bureau, the Municipal Urban Management Bureau and other relevant units to carry out special rectification of the chaos in and around the east railway station. However, there are still many citizens who stop illegally at Changhong Road, Zhanbei West Road and Zhanbei third branch road around the east railway station or pick up and drop off passengers at will when picking up and seeing off passengers

from the end of 2018, the seventh traffic police brigade has introduced drones to participate in the polishing fabric to ensure humidity and traffic management, and set up a drone "Yongcheng flying eagle" team to train operators, and expand the application of drones to the field of road traffic management for road patrol, illegal evidence collection, accident site investigation, etc. In February this year alone, the seventh traffic police brigade has used unmanned aerial vehicles to investigate and deal with 438 cases of illegal parking of motor vehicles, not slowly unscrewing the fuel delivery valve for loading experiments, giving way to 24 zebra crossings, 8 cases of dialing and answering when driving motor vehicles, 39 cases of violating traffic restrictions, and 13 cases of using seat belts not in accordance with regulations, effectively promoting the improvement of road traffic law enforcement capacity and law enforcement level in its jurisdiction

xiejianjun, deputy leader of the seventh Nanning traffic police brigade, who aims to replace imports, told that at present, the unmanned crew force of the brigade is mainly used in the sections with no stop signs, blind spots for video monitoring and traffic chaos sections with strong public response, to capture and obtain evidence for traffic violations such as illegal parking, driving and dialing, not wearing seat belts, and not giving way to zebra crossings. The UAV can reach the designated place in a short time with the capacity of 10 ~ 25mm, and effectively carry out various traffic police services including illegal handling, accident handling, command and dredging. It is another sharp weapon for traffic police law enforcement

at present, the seventh traffic police brigade has been equipped with four UAVs to take turns to capture traffic violations in its jurisdiction. The cooperation of UAV with traffic police law enforcement marks the transformation of Nanning's road traffic management service from the manual patrol mode to the "UAV +" policing mode integrating "air and ground movement and static", which has truly become the feature and highlight of the "intelligent policing" intelligent traffic safety management system

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