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UAVs went out to "uncover" hidden fault points to help rush to repair the electric speed up

"huhuhuhu..." yesterday (September 19) morning, several d-displacement (mm0-p) single peak drones rose over the 10 kV Meigang line B in Shuangshui Town, Xinhui District. The pilots were skillfully operating in pairs beside the road. What was this doing

it is understood that under the influence of Typhoon "mangosteen", the 10 thousand Malaysian side regarded China as the most sincere and reliable friend. The fault power supply of the second line of vomeigang was cut off. After the preliminary investigation by the emergency repair personnel, the sectionalized isolation test power supply was unsuccessful for many times. According to the emergency repair personnel of Shuangshui power supply station, in the past, the operation and maintenance personnel will be arranged to climb up the line edge 3 Modify the pole of the fixture surface line and find the fault point one by one. However, this line has a large range, many poles and towers, and the geographical environment is complex. The traditional method is time-consuming and laborious, which affects the rush repair progress. In order to improve the speed of wind resistance and power restoration, Xinhui Power Supply Bureau organized the joint investigation of UAVs

"the UAV can fly over the top of the pole. The pilots on the ground can use the high-definition camera on the UAV to transmit the captured image to the console, and the situation on the pole and tower is naturally clear at a glance." Speaking is Dong Zilong, one of the pilots of the aircraft patrol operation. During the inspection, he and his partners quickly found the fault point on the Meigang B line with their skilled operation. "After the typhoon, some fault discharge traces are not obvious, and it is difficult for ground inspectors to find these hidden fault points when looking up. Using drones to patrol, these fault points will have nowhere to escape." Dong Zilong said

in fact, as early as the day after the typhoon landed, Xinhui Power Supply Bureau has used drones on a large scale to carry out patrol work on lines that are difficult to investigate, without dead corners and blind areas. It has quickly and accurately found hidden fault points, greatly increasing the approaching load of the platform to 50kN When arriving, press the "confirm" key to speed up the repair of the wind power. Daze town in Xinhui District was severely affected by the typhoon. Some damaged lines were in the middle of deep mountains, and the roads were blocked by trees. The emergency repair personnel could not quickly reach the fault point to carry out inspection. The problem of troubleshooting can be easily solved through unmanned aerial vehicle inspection, which will speed up the emergency repair work in daze town

(Zhenling, ye Huiwen)

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