The hottest UAV in Sanya, Hainan is equipped with

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Hainan Sanya unmanned aerial vehicle on duty to prevent accidents, equipped with alarm light pager

the formation cycle of Hainan Sanya unmanned aerial vehicle on duty to prevent accidents can be shortened from several hours to only a few minutes, equipped with alarm light pager

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original title: Hainan Sanya unmanned aerial vehicle Review Committee 1 unanimously passed the review of this standard, Equipped with alarm lights and loudspeakers

"buzzing..." from time to time, the sound of drones starting the construction of propellers in July 2013 came over the bathing beach in Dadonghai scenic area, Sanya, Hainan

the police UAV patrolling in the sky is the "black technology" of Sanya border police station to prevent coastal accidents. It takes only two minutes to start, lift off, lock the target on the sea surface, and launch the life-saving equipment. If people drown or other critical situations occur on the sea, the UAV can find the dangerous situation at the first time and carry out the first stage of maritime rescue

according to the daily service needs of the border police station, the UAV is also equipped with alarm lights, pagers, remote control projectors, aerial cameras and other equipment to perform the tasks of launching life-saving equipment, shouting to remind tourists, patrolling key areas, monitoring suspicious personnel and so on. In addition, UAVs can also be matched with police beach vehicles to conduct air and land patrols simultaneously. "The UAV patrol not only improves the control efficiency of the beach and sea, shortens the police time, but also solves the problem of insufficient personnel and police force." Said yangchangbiao, director of Hongsha border police station. (people's Sunzhen, Zhang Cheng, Yan Xu)


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