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Hebei news (Duan Liqian) learned from the Department of ecological environment of Hebei Province that on November 16, the second round of special action for atmospheric environment law enforcement in autumn and winter of Hebei Province was launched. On the first day of the action, 948 people were dispatched at the provincial, municipal and county levels to inspect 496 enterprises (sites), of which 52 problems of dust pollution were found

fugitive dust is one of the important sources of air pollution. This action will focus on the prevention and control of fugitive dust pollution. From November 16 to 22, a special law enforcement Conference on the prevention and control of fugitive dust pollution will be launched. The law enforcement team will focus on the law enforcement inspection of the prevention and control of fugitive dust pollution in construction sites, industrial stockyards and mineral resource mining areas

on the first day of the action, the law enforcement teams found 52 problems of various types of dust pollution, Among them, the construction site has not implemented the "six percentages" (i.e. 100% enclosure around the site, 100% coverage of exposed land and fine-grained building materials, 100% washing of access vehicles, 100% hardening of roads on the construction site, 100% wet operation of demolition and earthwork operations, 100% closed transportation of muck vehicles), inadequate control of material dust, road dust and mine dust, etc

"in the past, inspection mainly depended on law enforcement personnel 'running'. Now our province continues to innovate law enforcement methods, seek combat effectiveness from science and technology, and improve law enforcement efficiency." The person in charge of the provincial comprehensive environmental law enforcement bureau introduced

in this action, the law enforcement team used professional UAV flight inspection to carry out special flight inspection on key industrial enterprises, key roads, key construction sites, key mining areas and key exposed land areas. After repeatedly adjusting and calibrating the angle value, it can be adjusted to the specified value to accurately lock the problem clues. Through the operation screen in the hands of the UAV pilots, it can be seen that when the UAV rises above the center of the construction site, the situation in the whole construction site is clearly visible, and the illegal stacking of debris and soil in the construction site can be found at the first time

according to reports, on the first day of the operation, three UAV flight inspection teams conducted flight inspections on a total of 18 enterprises (points), and found clues to environmental problems such as Tangshan Kaiping Youli calcium Industry Co., Ltd., Tangshan Guye District China Railway Shengtai Mining Co., Ltd. and Sanyou group mining, where ore materials were stacked in the open air, uncovered, and mining roads were not hardened

in addition, the on-site inspection of the law enforcement teams found that 37 construction sites, including the Jingwu road construction in Haigang District of Qinhuangdao City and the Yulong River Reconstruction Project in anci District of Langfang City, had not implemented the "six hundred percent" requirements, and would rely on the national dual-use technology trading center in the future. Kaiping District of Tangshan City, anci District of Langfang city and Hengyi District avoid prominent road dust pollution due to impurities such as water in Binhu New Area of water city. Eight enterprises, including Zhangjiakou Qiaodong Hebei Shenghua Chemical Co., Ltd., Tangshan Kaiping Kailong Metallurgical Materials Co., Ltd., and Baoding Jingxiu Hebei Construction Group Co., Ltd. concrete branch, failed to control the dust of materials. The pollution prevention and control facilities of Tangshan Rongyi coking and Gas Co., Ltd. in Guye District of Tangshan City, Hebei Dongfang Fuda Machinery Co., Ltd. in Guangyang District of Langfang City, and the concrete branch of Hebei Construction Group Co., Ltd. in Jingxiu District of Baoding city are missing or abnormal

in view of the problems found in the inspection, the law enforcement personnel have transferred the problem clues to the relevant departments for handling while ordering them to correct immediately

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