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UAV disinfection and sterilization, online office, "black technology" helps enterprises in Guangzhou Pazhou pilot zone resume work

UAV disinfection and sterilization, online office, "black technology" helps enterprises in Guangzhou Pazhou pilot zone resume work

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original title: UAV disinfection and sterilization, online office, "black technology" helps enterprises in Guangzhou Pazhou pilot zone resume work

after a short pause during the epidemic, Guangzhou Pazhou artificial intelligence and digital economy pilot zone (hereinafter referred to as "Pazhou pilot zone") has recently returned to work. The skyscrapers that rose from the ground have restarted the growth rate, and the settled enterprises have reopened, and the land is revitalized again

due to their unique characteristics of avant-garde science and technology and digital intelligence, the enterprises settled in Pazhou pilot zone not only maintain their strong survival and operation ability during the epidemic, but also export Pazhou experience outside Pazhou

under the epidemic, the construction of Pazhou is still in full swing, more land resources are provided to Pazhou, and the good news of Pazhou is constantly spreading to the outside world

on March 3, the construction site of Huabang holding group in Pazhou pilot area was under construction

UAV disinfection and sterilization, online office, teaching, Pazhou enterprise epidemic resumption has "black technology"

business buildings are highly populated areas. As enterprises gradually resume work, all corners of the buildings and the surrounding environment need to carry out endless disinfection and sterilization operations to block the transmission source. The traditional disinfection by people is inefficient and difficult to disinfection and sterilization without dead ends, and the resumption of business buildings is difficult to guarantee

in this regard, Guangdong Guangxin Information Industry Co., Ltd., an enterprise settled in Pazhou pilot zone, used the "no distance" disinfection mode of drone disinfection to disinfect poly World Trade and Baodi square in Pazhou. Compared with traditional disinfection methods, UAV disinfection method has the advantages of "no distance" from the crowd, high safety, high efficiency, wide coverage, no dead corner and so on. At the same time, three-dimensional spraying of disinfectant solution has a larger space range, better epidemic prevention disinfection and sterilization effect, and can effectively help to establish a comprehensive three-dimensional epidemic prevention system

Guangdong today Toutiao Technology Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Beijing ByteDance Technology Co., Ltd. in Guangzhou, with nearly 5000 employees in Guangdong. The company officially resumed work online on January 31 (the seventh day of the year). Guangdong Toutiao has independently developed the office suite "flying book", which has opened a large-scale remote office and collaboration

"flying book" can support employees to carry out the first stage of cross time zone and cross region communication and cooperation in 2016 (2) 020. Whether on the PC or the terminal, flying book can be easily opened to communicate and cooperate with colleagues. On February 2, Guangdong Toutiao today launched "online office" on the existing basis of "flying book", which can highly restore the office work and communication scenes through real-time voice channels, and help improve the efficiency of remote collaboration between companies and teams

based on "flying book", Guangdong Toutiao today also invited 12 doctors and experts from the front line to form a new pneumonia expert advisory group to answer the questions of epidemic prevention for employees. Employees of the company can contact the health duty number of "flying book" at any time to ask questions

Shugen Internet Technology Co., Ltd. gives full play to its own advantages, uses industrial Internet platform technology, and uses intelligent after-sales management system (IFSM) and cloud vision technology to successfully solve the problem of resumption of work

according to the introduction, IFSM adopts a lightweight product design, which can be quickly applied to the ground, and provides optimization for a variety of specific scenarios. For example, if the factory equipment fails during the holiday, it cannot be repaired on site in time, help customers and equipment manufacturers, directly view the equipment operation status through IFSM, and complete remote diagnosis in combination with historical fault parameters; No base has built six copper based new material industrial chain methods, including copper strip, copper based electronic materials, wires and cables, copper and copper alloy bar type powder, copper cultural products, and recycling of copper renewable resources, which can accurately guide customer engineers to deal with them and effectively avoid downtime and missed work

tree root Internet also uses cloud vision technology solutions to complete the visualization of marketing, service and risk control, so as to achieve all-round monitoring. This plan, in conjunction with the epidemic prevention and control screen, can have a real-time overview of the local epidemic dynamics, connect with the supply and demand side of related emergency supplies, dispatch equipment efficiently on demand, complete emergency support, and obtain a clear epidemic trend and operation trend for the enterprise. Since 78 years ago, Koizumi has begun to use waste materials collected unintentionally to create quasi control

this plan combines the personnel distribution, health status, remote office data and internal protective materials data of various departments in various regions of the enterprise to monitor and analyze the epidemic situation of the enterprise, and establish the remote resumption guarantee of the enterprise to effectively ensure the operation of the enterprise

iFLYTEK, with the help of big data precision teaching and personalized learning system - iFLYTEK education cloud, provides online teaching system and special guidance services for the third experimental primary school in Haizhu District in Pazhou, provides a group of tablet computers for teachers' teaching free of charge, and formulates a complete guarantee scheme. Therefore, the third experimental primary school in Haizhu District has realized the first primary school in the district that "stops work without stopping school"

on March 3, workers wore masks at the construction site of Huabang holding group in Pazhou experimental area

on March 3, at the entrance and exit of the construction site of Huabang holding group in Pazhou experimental area, the staff took their temperature

on March 3, the construction site of Huabang holding group in Pazhou pilot area

Pazhou experimental area

on March 3, the construction site of Huabang holding group in Pazhou pilot area

this year, 470000 square meters of violations are planned to be demolished to provide high-quality space for the development of Pazhou

Pazhou settled enterprises have successfully resumed work using "black technology", and the buildings under construction in Pazhou have also resumed work in time, restoring the growth rate before the epidemic. At the same time, Pazhou street plans to demolish 470000 square meters this year to provide high-quality space for Pazhou development

on March 3, at the construction site of Pazhou, the workers resumed work as scheduled, busy among the steel bars and concrete, injecting growth momentum into Pazhou. At the entrance and exit of the construction site, every person entering the construction site shall be subject to temperature detection. During the operation, workers must wear masks

the construction of Pazhou is so important that the "first demolition" of Haizhu District to resume this year's demolition work is to make room for Pazhou. On February 25, Haizhu District demolished the illegal building on the east side of No. 3 Xingang East Road in Pazhou according to law. The illegal construction, with a total area of more than 7000 square meters, is located in the western area of Pazhou in the center of the city

According to Pazhou sub district office, 470000 square meters of illegal buildings are planned to be demolished this year, and high-quality development space for Pazhou artificial intelligence and digital economy will be made available by means of demolishing illegal buildings, collecting, storing and preparing land

Pazhou is developing with each passing day. Since 2018, it has won the first batch of artificial intelligence industrial parks in Guangdong Province, abs/pet alloy District of Guangzhou headquarters economic agglomeration, and the special nomination award of construction21 international sustainable development urban area award. The national new industrialization demonstration base (big data) declared by Pazhou has been successfully listed and publicized. If it is successfully approved, Pazhou will become the first national industrial demonstration base in the direction of big data in Guangdong Province

Nandu learned from Pazhou Management Committee that at present, Pazhou area mainly focuses on the new generation of strategic emerging industries such as information technology, artificial intelligence and digital economy, and has introduced a number of leading enterprises in the field of artificial intelligence and digital economy, such as Tencent, Alibaba, Fosun, Gome, Xiaomi, vipshop, iFLYTEK, Shugen Internet, etc

driven by leading projects, Pazhou's industrial agglomeration momentum is obvious. Pazhou region achieved an operating revenue of 205.078 billion yuan in 2019, an increase of 36.2% year-on-year. By the end of 2019, there were 12103 market players in Pazhou, including 10161 enterprises, accounting for 83.95%

collected and written by: Dai Guohui in Nandu

photographed by: Feng Zhoufeng in Nandu

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