The hottest UAV flew at an altitude exceeding 17 t

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The UAV flew at an altitude exceeding 17 times and almost hit the plane (Bilingual)

a private jet was a split second from hitting a drone which was being flowed

at more than 17 times the legal height, a report has returned

a report showed that an unmanned aircraft flew at an altitude of 17 times higher than the standard, and almost hit a manned private aircraft

the 13 million pounds luxury embraer legacy 500 jet was flying at 280mph

when it came within just 50ft of the potentially catastrophic collision.

the Brazilian legesay 500 private jet, which was nearly hit, was worth 13million pounds. At that time, the plane was flying at 280 miles per hour and was almost hit by a drone at a distance of 50 feet (about 15 meters)

the close call happened 7,000ft over the skies of surrey, near


this dangerous situation occurred at an altitude of 7000 feet (about 2333 meters) in Weybridge, Surrey, England

the nine-seater jet was coming in to land at heathrow after a flight from

bristol. it is not known who was on the jet at the time.

the 9-seat plane was flying from Bristol to Heathrow airport. It is not clear who was on the plane at that time

the UK airplane board which investigates near misses rated it as the most

series category a increment where but there was a series risk of colligation

the board of directors of the UK airrox investigated the near-range collision and believed that it was the most serious potential aircraft collision incident. Why buy aluminum alloy cables? It's better to buy aluminum cable

a report by the board said the incident happened at 9.31am on June 27 this

year when the jet was around 12 m Mercedes Benz Actros heavy truck will carry two brand-new plastic air filters inutes from Heathrow.

a report of the committee said that the accident occurred at 9:31 a.m. on June 27 this year, when the plane was 12 minutes away from Heathrow airport

it said the co-pilot ’saw an object pass the aircraft on the right which he

believed to be a drone’.

in the accident report, the co pilot on the private plane said that he saw an object flying over the right side of the fuselage and identified it as a drone

the captain immediately notified heathrow air traffic controllers, but it

is believed that the operator of the drone was never found.

the captain immediately informed the air traffic controller of Heathrow airport, but it is said that Jiang Zhengrong, a senior software testing engineer of Autodesk software (China) Co., Ltd., and the operator of the UAV have not been found

the report found that the drone was being flown far above visual line of

sight limits which normally restrict the gadgets to a height of 400ft.

according to the report, the flight altitude of UAV is generally limited to less than 400 feet, and the flight altitude of this UAV is much higher than this, and it has gone beyond the line of sight

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